In YCG Digital Partner we have specialists to help our customers meet worldwide recognized security standards (PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, GDRP):


In YCG Digital Partner we are experts in PCI DSS regulations, so we get our customers to comply with it year after year. Through our great experience we have designed a series of services focused on compliance in an agile and efficient way.


The PCI-DSS standard establishes the obligation to perform quarterly scans by a third party certified by the Council as ASV (Approved Scan Vendor). In YCG Digital Partner we have the ASV tools, on which it provides a layer of value-added services to help our clients meet this requirement … providing this information to the acquiring banks that request it.



YCG Digital Partner has a customized PCI-DSS compliance program for each client, helping you through advice and consulting: analyze and evaluate which are the best options based on your needs. Especially in more affected environments such as the hotel sector.



Our services focus on helping companies to:

  • Assist in the implementation of PCI projects.
  • Explain to all those affected within the client how to undertake compliance with the standard.
  • Help complete the SAQs to customers according to the processing of card data.
  • Process the vulnerability scanners required by the standard.
  • Advice Onsite on the measures that require the processing of card data.
  • Support for the organization, multilingual helpdesk mode: Spanish, English, French …


PCI DSS is a security standard developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), which aims to reduce fraud related to credit / debit cards. All this with the aim of increasing the security of payment card data stored in the information systems and also when they are processed or transmitted.

This rule is mandatory for all companies that process, transmit or store card information of credit. Complying with PCI-DSS involves implementing a significant number of security controls, procedures and policies, and maintaining them over time.